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Coaching Programmes

Coaching is a dialogue, or sequence of dialogues one human being has with another. For the individual being coached, it is often a deeply felt experience that can literally transform their life. We are equipped with many different ways of supporting individuals to generate more and more flourishing results.

We use informal observation and discussion, structured questioning and exercises demanding movement physically during coaching sessions. During each module, the person being coached will increase their awareness of their own situations, find new perspectives, and discover ways forward that create magnificent results.

By ‘coaching’ we mean to convey someone from one place to another. One thing that all forms of coaching appear to have in common is that individuals are utilising it to help them move forward or create change. Typical benefits of coaching might include:

Enhanced self-awareness and emotional maturity

Amplified self-confidence

Improved ability to relax and be centred regardless of what’s happening around us

Communicating more effectively and powerfully with everyone

Flourishing relationships with those around us

Better time management – getting more done and doing it more efficiently

Increased clarity of thought regarding our goals / future direction

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